A Simple Guide To Basic Perfume Types For Men

Perfumes have been in trend for more than 4000 years. Men and women have been using these little bottles filled with marvellous scent to smell amazing whenever they wished. Some used them to attract someone while others used to make their personality seem a little more authoritative and powerful. Elite class and royalty used to sit with perfumers calling them from all around the world for creating unique fragrances.

Perfumes for Men

However, with such a wide range of perfumes for men available these days online and offline, it is becoming difficult for the perfume lovers to find that one. Hiring a perfumer for creating a scent suitable to their personality is also difficult due to budget restriction. To help you in finding the suitable scent for your personality, we have here a simple guide to basic perfume types for men that you can try out.


Although floral scents are limited to women only, there are certain notes which can add a soothing yet attractive touch to your personality. Oriental notes with roses, jasmine and such warm fragrances mixed with other strong notes can create a marvellous fragrance suitable for sensuous moments. If you are looking for an idea scent for date nights or for sensuous moments with your beloved, this is an ideal perfume category.

Fresh :

This category of perfumes is loved all around the world. It is fresh, cool and relaxing adding a refreshing touch to your personality. There are various notes that mix together to create this particular type of perfume. Citrus notes, Aquatic notes, herby notes, minty fresh notes, Fruity notes with tropical fruits are some of the popular ones. Whenever you are confused about the right scent, you can go with this perfume type as it is universally loved and adored. Moreover, this I suitable for every kind of weather and season making it wearable for the entire day, unlike others. This can be your ideal everyday fragrance.


With the main accords of aromatic woods and moss, woody perfumes are quite popular among men all around the world. In this type of perfume, some of the most popular notes are Sandalwood, Vanilla, Patchouli, Oak Moss, Rosewood, Brazilian Rosewood, Frankincense, aromatic tree gums and so on. All these notes are known for their warm, earthy and woody scent, which adds a manly touch to one’s personality. You can try this perfume with a blend of other notes or with pure scent. These can be a bit strong so you need to apply it in moderation.


This power packed and tangy perfume type has been gaining a lot of among men. With notes of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, black pepper, Sichuan pepper, pepper and many others, it adds a luxurious yet impactful touch to the perfumes. If you want something refreshing yet strong this can be your pick for the colder weathers. These are not available in pure form due to it being very strong so look for these notes in the base if you want to try this. Keeping these various types of perfumes in mind, you can buy perfumes for men online in India with ease. Just go through the notes to get a basic idea about the type and what you can expect from it. Good perfume sellers provide essential information like notes of the scent, a suitable time and season or occasion for the perfume so you can make an informed choice. You can buy all these perfumes for men in brands like Lomani, Baug Sons, Louis Cardin, Creations, Colour Me, Perfumer’s Choice, Maryaj, Mural De Ruitz, Otoori and so on. Grab them now and smell like a million buck.

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