5 Deodorant Mistakes That You Need To Avoid Making

DeodorantsUsing a deodorant after a bath or during the day is a common routine for everyone. some may even carry it with them to freshen up after sports or gym or a run. Yet, there are several mistakes that we make while using deodorants. These can reduce the ability of your deodorants to work affecting their fragrance. If you think that your deodorant is not working, these might help,

Understanding The Difference Between Deodorant And Antiperspirant:

DeodorantsĀ help in eradicating the body stink and have fragrance in them. These help in killing the odour-causing bacteria or cover it with an aromatic scent. Contrary to it, antiperspirants are for reducing your sweat and may or may not have a scent in them. Before choosing the right body spray, you will have to understand your need.

If you sweat too much, go for the body spray with antiperspirant properties. If you smell bad, deodorants are for you. There are deo for girls and boys that come only with scent as well having neither properties.

Reapplying Deodorant On Dirty Skin:

It is a common habit to apply deodorant whenever you feel the need throughout the day. This can make your deodorant spray smell weird and stinky. Another mistake is to spray on dirty sweaty clothes. It will only mask the smell by adding a strong odour to it. After an hour or so, you will again smell bad. Instead, try to wear clean and fresh clothes every day.

Avoid Spraying Immediately After Shaving:

Body sprays for men and women have chemicals and alcohol. When you spray it on freshly shaved skin, it will make it sting bad. you can also experience irritation, burning, and redness on your skin. If you have sensitive skin and wish to avoid this, take some time before spraying. You can also apply some talc before deo to reduce burning.

Discolouring Clothes:

If your clothes have started to discolor because of body spray, this will help you. Body sprays have talc and certain other chemicals which can discolor your clothes. Next time allows your body spray to dry before wearing clothes. You must also avoid spraying these on your apparel as well.

Avoiding Moisturisation:

Like perfumes, deodorants work better if you apply moisturiser prior to the application. Take an unscented body lotion, apply it to your skin and top it with deodorant. This will protect your skin from irritation and make the scent last for long. You can use any lotion, body oil or moisturising cream for this.

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