5 Best Unisex Perfumes You Need Right Now

best unisex perfumesUnisex perfumes have been popular in India for centuries. Both genders used Attars made with natural oils made from flowers and aromatic woods. With brands launching new ranges of unisex scents, there is a fresh wave of demand in this range. They are ideal for everyday use and go well with every season.

Here are the most popular unisex perfumes you must try today,

Perfumer’s Club Aquacool Perfume:

If you need an aquatic refreshing perfume suitable for every season, Aquacool is for you. With the top notes having a zest of black pepper and citruses it has a soothing start. The heart has floral notes and aquatic floral notes for a relaxing aroma. Vetiver, musk, and sandalwood at the base add an aromatic woody touch. This perfume is unique in its aroma. It has a perfect blend of cooling citruses, herbs, floral notes, and deep woody notes. You can wear it around the year without any hassle for all-day freshness.

New NB Unbranded VIII Perfume:

This is a classic fougere Eau de parfum for everyday use. With the citrusy green notes at the top, it releases an instant boost of freshness. The heart has floral spicy and herby notes adding that kick to the perfume. With finishing notes of aromatic woods like sandalwood and patchouli, it is earthy. This perfume smells heavenly and great for evening use. New NB is popular for its international quality scents and offers them at a low price. Try this perfume to feel the difference.

Baug Sons Creation Gold Perfume:

An intense fragrance for evenings, Baug Sons Creation Gold will make you stand out. This perfume has top notes of aromatic woods like vetiver giving it an earthiness. The heart is herby and soothing with cardamom, rosewood, and tonka beans. While the base makes it rich and intense with Sichuan pepper, sandalwood, and vanilla. If you need a perfect party perfume, this is it for you.

Perfumer’s Club Rebel Perfume:

If you need a minty herby aroma for your summer looks, Rebel Eau de parfum is for you. It has citrusy notes of bergamot, lemon, and grapefruit in the top layer. Herby flavours of ginger and mint add a boost of freshness and earthy woody notes of base make it pleasurable. You can wear this perfume in the summer months during the day as well as at night.
Oriental Perfumes :

Not one but all oriental perfumes can have the qualities of a unisex scent. Perfumers create them using attars or ittars. These aromatic perfume oils are popular in the Middle East and Indian subcontinent. Scents from brands like Otoori and Baug Sons are a must-try if you need deep intense aromatic perfumes.

If you are not sure which perfume to buy for someone else or need a surprise gift, unisex perfumes are a wonderful choice. Try these best unisex perfumes of all times for birthday and anniversary gifts. You can buy all these amazing aromatic perfumes at the best price online on Perfume Booth. They offer 100% original perfumes at the lowest cost giving you the best deal.

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